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Design concept / web development / SEO / Content management / photography / illustration / social media



Iris - Team Internet Berlin
Mitzi - Team Internet Berlin


Iris - Team Internet Berlin

Iris plans whole concepts and take them into action. Through research and practice she makes ideas happen. 


Mitzi - Team Internet Berlin

Mitzi is brave to face fears and borders. She inspires to try out ideas and pushes things forward.


We support

Women in male-dominated industries.

From our own experience we know how intimidating it can be to be the only women in your field.

Special interests.

You run a business that is kinda quirky, weird or adorable cute? Great, we wanna hear more about it.

Rebels and Queers.

Our heart beats for people who think outside the box and live apart from the norm.

We are

Introverted and empathic.

We listen to your ideas and find out what helps you in the website process.

Authentic and honest.

We don't like to pretend to be someone. We come as we are and so you can do.

Passionate and nerdy.

When we get super excited about a topic, we can't stop talking and working on it.

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